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RASSEGNA STAMPA - Delfini Capitolini Aprile 2018
Ultrasonic vocalizations predict acute and chronic D-amphetamine response in rats
Adaptive PPM Acoustic Detection in very Shallow Water Reservoir Vocalization of Neonatal Rats
Lancet Dynamics in Greater Horseshoe Bats, Rhinolophus ferrumequinum
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Ultrasound in orthoptera
Signal processing of acoustic impact response for reinforced concrete testing using paintballs and airsoft pellets for excitation
Estimating colony sizes of emerging bats using acoustic recordings Ultramic250K + Raspberry
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Ultramic talk on Game Audio Hour 119 (see at minute 47:30)
AMR UltraSonoc 4x Wifi Recorder Implemented on BeagleBoard & Dodotronic UM 250kHz
Prominent high frequency components in nightingale songs investigated by a low-cost USB microphone
Bioacoustic evidence of two uncommon crickets from SW Sardinia, including an analysis of the song of Brachytrupes megacephalus
A new voice from Sardinia: Uromenus annae
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