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The first fully digital ultrasonic USB microphone.

Ultramics are ultrasound microphones, with an integrated digital to analog converter. To record or to listen ultrasound you only need an Ultramic and a host device such as a Windows, Linux, Apple PC or a smartphone or tablet. There are different version with different sampling rate: Ultramic192K, Ultramic200K & Ultramic250K with 192 KHz, 200KHz and 250KHz respectively sampling rate. The USB 2,0 Full speed port allows an easy connection to any PC or Mac computer. The device is recognized as a standard USB audio microphone, so no driver installation is required! It appears as a single channel audio input device. However, if recording in stereo, the two channels will appear identical. NOTE: the membrane protect the sensor from dust and humidity but it strongly reduce the sensitivity in ultrasonic range! Microphone The MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) microphone is very sensitive, with a good signal/noise ratio and small form factor. Connections Connect it to your PC, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet, and it will immediately be recognized as a new audio input. In your preferred sound recording software, simply select the new audio input, and choose the sampling frequency. Table below for device compatibility. Settings Ultramic can be easily opened, via a screw on the back. There are two switches, near the front of the microphone, that can be turned on and off with a fingernail (no tools needed), to change amplification between the three hardware levels. The ultramic has been developed with the scientific support of: CIBRA / University of Pavia. Applications It can be used by scientific researchers for: – Detection and recording of biological ultrasounds for bioacoustic studies on insects, rodents and bats. – Environmental studies to assess the impact of wind farms on bats. – Recording and analyzing mouse ultrasonic vocalizations for pharmacological studies. – Detection of the high-frequency noises emitted by switching power supply, by LCD screens, and also by the turbines of car and truck engines. In your home or in office: Discover the ultrasonic noise emitted by your TV, your computers, and by the power adapters of all your electronic devices. Outside, use the UltraMic to record bat sounds! And discover the ultrasonic sounds of small rodents. Amplification settings Amplification levels, can be adjusted by turning down one of the two switches on the inner board. Technical specifications 250 K sampling per second. True 16 bit resolution. Frequency range up to 96 KHz 100 KHz 125 KHz 192 KHz respectively. MEMS high sensistivity Surface Mount Wide-band Ultrasonic Acoustic Sensor on UM192K, UM200K and UM250K. FG electret microphone with a good frequency response on UM384K. High quality, and low noise analog amplification. USB device: Full speed port, with a mini USB B connector. Dimensions: 130 mm long x 20 mm in diameter. Weight 50 g.  

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