Analog ultrasonic microphone

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Momimic is miniaturized analogic ultrasonic microphone.

It comes from a long development phase. Now this small microphone can enhance all the spectrum of the FG sensor.

The heavy aluminiun structure surrounding the tip of the sensor stops the oscillation problems and the offset due to vibration.

The high quality of electronic component make it suitable for reasearch and monitoring.

A six pin connector make it compatible with Ultramic384K.



1 – 5 V input
2 – Ground
3 – Not connected
4 – Shutdown (pulling this pin to pin 1 put the device in shutdown mode)
5 – Output (ranging from 0 V to 3.3 V)
6 – Ground



The waterproof design is accomplished with a GORE membrane over the sensor, so it is immune to water and dust. However for good results it’s usually covered with a shield to protect it from direct contact with the rain.

The small windshield can be removed.