Hi-Sound Stereo AOL


Stereo parabolic microphone equipped with 2 AOM-5024L from PUI Audio

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This parabolic microphone can capture sounds with a stereo separation, the signal is routed in a single stereo mini Jack 3.5 mm connector.

The stereo effect is given by the channels separation obtained by placing a separator disc (baffle) between two pairs of microphones, positioned to the left and right channels with two capsules for each channel. The dish is composed by two circuits with top and bottom shield; the same shield is tightly connected to ground of the four capsules so to minimize the immunity to external interferences.

Now you can choose two options for the sensor:

1 – EM172: the EM172s are classic very low noise sensor from Primo. Two of them are mounted for each channel (total of 4 capsules).
Having two capsules instead of one allows to obtain a signal gain of approximately +3dB and a lower self inherent noise.

2 – AOM-5024L: a single capsule of this new sensor gives the same performance of two EM172s. The presence of a single capsule instead of two for each channel gives a better focusing in the center of the parabola. Moreover the cost for this sensor is less than EM172.

Compared to traditional PZM the greatest improvement in HiSound stereo is done placing the capsule on the same plane with the baffle and not in opposite direction. This configuration can add additional signal gain of +6 dB without having any influence on the high-frequency response.

Outer diameter 53 cm

Focus depth 12.5 mm
Weight for 1 mm* 270 g
Total weight for 1 mm* 755 g
Material PETG

Audio range (100Hz – 20KHz)

Two options available:

1 – Sensor: 4 x EM172 from http://www.primomic.com/

2 – Sensor: two AOM-5024L from PUI Audio http://www.puiaudio.com/

Self noise only 14dB

Connector: mini jack 3.5 mm golden plated

PIP plug in power supply required.