Hi Sound mono

Hi quality Parabolic Microphone


This parabolic microphone capture sounds with 4 high quality electred sensors,  the signal is routed in a single stereo mini Jack 3.5 mm connector.

The four capsules are perfectly aligned with the outer edge of the dish.

The sensor comprises two high quality EM172 electret omni directional microphone sensors and two EM184 low noise Uni Directional microphone sensor PRIMO technology.


Correct back alignment




Outer diameter 53 cm

Focus depth 12.5 mm

Material PETG

Audio range (100Hz – 20KHz)

Sensor: 2 x EM172 from http://www.primomic.com/

Self noise only 14dB

The lower sensitivity of EM184 capsules allows to record a file about-9dB lower than EM172 caps.

In this way it’s possible to recover the recordings when clipping in the more sensitive channel.

Focus 13 cm border aligned.

Connector: mini jack 3.5 mm golden plated

PIP plug in power supply.

Windscreen not included.

Custom configuration on request.