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Ultrasonic Analyzer

Ultrasonic Analyzer is a real-time spectrum, spectrogram, oscilloscope and octave RTA analyzer for your iPhone or iPad. It can give you a visual representation of many ultrasounds using a sampling rate up to 384kHz

Please use the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter + a standard mini USB cable to connect Ultramic or Hydromic to your iOS device.

Here some interesting tips from Ethan Fenn for the use of Ultramic in AVAudioSession:
* set the category to “MultiRoute” — this is important, without this it would never select the microphone as the active input
* set the mode to “Measurement” — probably not necessary, but it turns off the OS’s automatic volume adjustment.
* start the session
* now you can ask for the list of microphones and set the active one. you can confirm that it’s working by asking what the session sample rate is. if the microphone supports different sample rates, I think you can just request different sample rates and then ask what the actual sample rate is.

Then to actually get the microphone input, I created an instance of the RemoteIO AudioUnit, using code similar to that found here:

The weird part is that RemoteIO will let you set any sample rate you want, and doesn’t seem to give you any information about the hardware supported sample rate. I guess it will just resample if you give it the wrong sample rate, but I haven’t tested this yet.