Waveshark – Embedded multitrack high sampling rate recorder



– 1 to 8 analog input channels – input ranges ±0.5V to ± 5V

– Sampling frequency 8 KHz to 500 kHz 16 bit per channel

– Integrated low power GPS

– Storage on 4 high capacity SDHC cards

– LCD text display for settings + 6 buttons

– High quality and low noise audio signal conditioning

– Software upgradable

– Programmable gain amplification

WaveShark508 integrates rechargeable batteries and can be supplied with power from USB connector. The external power supply charge the internal batteries.

Integrated GPS lets to accurately georeference and timestamp each recording. Using the GPS real time clock there’s no need to set time and data, all the recordings have their own UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).


  • Unattended Soundscape sampling
  • Unattended recording of acoustic events
  • Ultrasonic noise monitoring
  • Wideband recording of ultrasounds (e.g. dolphins, bats, insects, rodents)
  • Beamforming with 8 sensors (in post processing)
  • 3D space sound source localization with two spaced sets of 4 sensors (in post processing)
  • Multiple sensors recording
  • Recording from mobile platforms


WaveShark can be used by scientific researchers for:

– Detection and recording of bats for environmental studies
– 3D source localization and tracking of sound and ultrasound sources
– Environmental studies to assess the impact of wind farms on bats.
– Recording and analyzing rats and mice ultrasonic vocalizations for
pharmacological and behavioral studies.
– Detection of the high-frequency noises emitted by equipment such as switching power
supplies, LCD screens, and also by the turbines of car and truck