Wavefalcon – smart recorder

Recording soundscapes is mostly based on autonomous remote recorders to be programmed for a given recording schedule, e.g. 10 minutes every half-hour, deployed in the location to be monitored, and then recovered to download data and replace batteries. Their use implies several technical constraints, mainly related to storage and power. Nowadays the storage space is not the main issue as SDXC cards reach 512GB of capacity; batteries are the most limiting factor and their replacement must be programmed prudentially to guarantee the continuity of the recording.

The WaveFalcon is a smart autonomous low-power recorder able to work either in stand-alone mode or web connected. Several web connection modes are available to balance battery usage and available bandwidth on the wireless channel that can be a wi-fi or a cellphone network, possibly 3G or faster.

To limit bandwidth and battery usage, the wireless connection can be limited to monitoring status (storage space available, battery level, scheduling of recording and of web access) to allow timely maintenance operations (data recovery and battery replacement), or it can be expanded to perform scheduled fpt of summary data or of recorded data, including real-time or near-real-time display on a public page. Recording of audio and ultrasonic data from different sensors can be continuous, scheduled, or on trigger. In addition WaveFalcon provides temperature, humidity and light level recording as well as photo and video capture possibilities. Examples of use in the SABIOD-Italy project will be presented.