Ultrasonic USB microphones

Ultramics are ultrasound microphones, with an integrated digital to analog converter. To record or to listen ultrasound you only need an Ultramic and a host device such as a Windows, Linux, Apple PC or a smartphone or tablet.

Hi quality Parabolic Microphones

This parabolic microphone capture sounds with 4 high quality electred sensors, the signal is routed in a single stereo mini Jack 3.5 mm connector.

Analog ultrasonic microphones

Miniaturized hi quality analogic ultrasonic microphone

Dodotronic production

Electronic devices for zoological applications.
Since 2003 DODOTRONIC produces electronic devices for zoological and industrial applications.
Ultrasonic USB microphone are now widespread and used all over the World for:
– Bat monitoring
– Analysis of rodent ultrasonic calls
– Gas leak detection
– Bearing predictive analysis
– Windfarm monitoring for environmental impact assessment
– Soundtrack special effect
Many other devices are now in development phase in order to help researchers and industries to discover audio and ultrasonic world.